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#OperationBikini – 8 weeks to shape up for Summer


#OperationBikini – 8 weeks to shape up for Summer

Spring has finally sprung. I have enjoyed winter. Having a baby when it’s hot is not fun. There are only so many layers of clothes to take off before you can cool no more. So winter was a relief when I could wrap Master C up like a little Michelin Man snug as a bug in his sleeping bag. He’d sleep with a vest, babygro, 2.5 tog sleeping bag AND a blanket. Overkill you may think, but it’s worked for us. I’m a little apprehensive about summer as it’s really hard to gauge what’s too hot and what’s too cold as far as bedtime attire is concerned. That being said I am looking forward to the sunshine, the beach, a few drinks whilst watching the sunset. Sitting at wineries watching the kids play with a glass of wine in my hand. With summer though comes that trepidation that means only one thing – bikini’s.

Summer brings with it less clothing, Jeans and boots are a definite NO! Especially living here in sunny Western Australia where temperatures have been known to reach 40+ degrees centigrade on really hot days. The shorts are short, vest tops, bikini’s and thongs (flip flops for those who don’t speak Australian). I am confident in my own skin but I am also aware that there are bits that jiggle and wiggle. Having an 11 month old little boy has made sure of that! I have taken my time with getting back into shape. No crash diets or eating fads. I’ve still eaten cake and ice-cream….. plenty of ice-cream…… Even through winter! I have an ice-cream addiction it would seem and it really is better if I don’t buy the stuff because then I cannot eat it. I’ve still enjoyed a few drinks too. Okay sometimes plenty of drinks… but generally my size and weight has been heading in the right direction.


It’s easy though to slip back into old habits. I live with a man who eats anything he likes. Chocolate biscuits with his tea for breakfast. $1 Snicker bars from the check out just because. I know that if I was to do that I would be the size of a house! So I am careful – most of the time. I still enjoy things I like but cut back where I can. I guess you could say 80/20. I eat well 80% of the time so that 20% of the time I can indulge a little. This works for me but lately I have been indulging a little too often. Ice-cream as I said before is a big weakness for me. If there’s no ice-cream then I will join Nick with a chocolate biscuit or 3…..with a cuppa whilst watching a bit of TV in the evenings. I’ve noticed that this has become a frequent occurrence. I don’t think twice about having a bit of Miss E’s pie or sausage roll despite having eaten my own lunch, or eating a slice of Nick’s pizza even though I’ve just stuffed my face with my own pizza. All these little things add up. You start to get very lax with all the things you eat until there are no limits. Everything and anything goes. A spoonful of rice turns into half a plate of rice. No to mash potato turns into yes please. The list is endless. Even spaghetti. I usually have zoodles (zucchini noodles) with my sauce but when I’m “off the wagon”, pasta turns up on my plate WITH garlic bread! All classic foods to avoid if you’re trying to slim down.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”] We slip into bad habits because it is easy[/pullquote]

This week sees the beginning of a run of 20 classes with no days off. I’m only on class 3 and already I feel tired. Teaching group fitness means I don’t get to decide not to workout today. I have to be there no matter what. I could always find a cover but I need to earn money too, so taking days off just because I’m feeling lacklustre is a no-no. What we eat plays a very big and important part in our energy levels and how we generally feel. If you eat poorly and don’t get enough sleep (another problem I’ve had lately) then you can almost guarantee that “ugh” feeling. The amount of good ol’ H2O you consume plays a vital role too. These are all things that slip when you’re feeling yuck and it’s a vicious cycle. The worse you feel, the worse you eat, the worse you feel and so on.

I’m acutely aware of summer and the almost 100% certainty that I will be required to wear a bikini. This fills me with dread as the jiggly and wiggly bits post Master C are still there. I’m happy with where I am physically, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to unleash my post baby body to the world. Now is most definitely time to kick start the summer body sculpting with 8 weeks of clean living and exercise. The added bonus will be feeling good and managing 20 classes on a run because my body has the nutrients it needs to function.


Introducing #OperationBikini.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to 8 weeks of clean living. Watching what I consume including alcohol. I exercise more than enough so that part of it is in the bag already. The challenge will be the will power to resist the treats and naughty snacks and stay away from the alcohol. Why not just cut back? Well it’s easier to just draw a line and say you CAN have this and you CAN’T have that. No way to talk yourself round into having something you shouldn’t. We all do that. Pat yourself on the back saying “Well done, you managed 2 classes today therefore eat the cake, you deserve it”.

Making changes is always hard. We slip into bad habits because it is easy. Making the right choices often requires a little effort but if you are determined and want results then you can do it.

If anybody wants to join in, please feel free to do so. I am happy to offer my support and guidance I can along the way. Here’s to a happy and healthy you.





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