One of those days

Flat tyreYesterday started as any other ordinary day. The only difference was that I had to be up early for a class cover I had agreed to do, last minute the night before. It didn’t take long before it turned into one of those days!

The wind was howling and I had gone to bed with my headphones in, trying to go over my Body Pump 94 choreography for the morning. As usual, I was asleep within a few minutes, so annoyingly I missed most of the choreography. Subconsciously aware that I hadn’t finished my homework, I tossed and turned for most of the night. That, together with the howling wind and rain, I didn’t get a very good nights sleep. Never the less, I woke up at about 5:10am to the sound of Master C stirring in his sleep.

He cried out a couple of times but seemed to settle again without needing any attention. My alarm was due to go off at 5:20am so I got up and got ready. It was pitch black still and being the nice wife that I am, I got ready in the dark without disturbing anyone. Ready for work, I jumped into Nick’s car and made my way to work. The journey doesn’t take long.  I live 10 minutes down the road and its a route I do almost daily. I made my way cautiously down the road and having never been awake at this time of the morning before, I was incredulous at the amount of other cars on the road. By now it was 5:45am and the road seemed to be just as busy as if it was 8am. With the wet road and wind I was conscious of my driving. It seems though, my efforts were wasted.

I was half way into my journey when I felt this small little bump in the road. The back of my mind was screaming “puncture” but I thought, surely not, you’re making it up and I carried on my way. A further 200m down the road, it became apparent that I most definitely DID have a puncture. For a moment I thought I could drive slowly and still make it, but when the car started pulling side to side and was becoming difficult to control, I had no choice but to pull over. Now pulled up at the side of the road, I grabbed everything and got out. I was in a bit of a panic because it was now 5:50am and I had 10 minutes to get to work. It was spitting slightly, small drops of rain had started falling. I became almost a mad woman, waving wildly, trying to flag down a car. I have never hitched a day in my life! Having grown up in South Africa, hitch hiking is something I never did. It was too dangerous. I don’t suppose getting into cars with strangers anywhere in the world is safe and it should not be tried. Standing at the side of the road with the feeling that time was slipping away from me, I felt I had no choice. Any friend that I could have phoned was least 10 to 15 minutes away considering everyone, including my husband, would still be in bed.

One car did pull over but he was very reluctant to give me a lift. He didn’t want to go out of his way to drop me off before collecting his work colleague, so I said thanks, but no thanks and moved on to the next car. A few drove straight past me without even slowing down. Humph, this is not looking good! Finally another car pulled over and this time the guy was kind enough to give me a lift the rest of the way. I jumped into his car fully aware that time was ticking and I now had even less time to get to work. I grabbed my phone and called Nick. Partly so Mr Stranger guy knew that I had someone who would miss me. Nick answered in that “I’m asleep, what do you want?” kind of voice. I told him what was going on but I’m pretty sure if you asked him now what I had said to him, he wouldn’t be able to recall. I had been in Mr Strangers car now for 2 or 3 minutes and I hadn’t even introduced myself. How rude of me If I didn’t end up dead, he was doing me a huge favour! So I said: “I’m Jo by the way”.  He told me his name and I did a double take. I asked him to repeat it just in case I was hearing things. Turns out his name was the same as Master C! I relaxed a little at that point. Surely this was a sign that I was in good hands and would survive my journey? We made it just in the nick of time and I jumped out offering a thousand thank you’s as I raced inside to get set up for my class.

I’m all set to go, CD in, microphone in place. Tick tock, tick tock – 6am. I switch the microphone on and begin my usual spiel of “Good morning and welcome to Body Pump”. Instead, I am greeted with squealing… high pitched squealing. My day goes from bad to worse. I’m out of time. I can’t do anything else but abandon the mic and teach the entire 60 minutes with just my voice…. poor, poor voice. We get under way and I try a couple of times to switch the mic on but all I’m greeted with is more squealing. I change the battery over, still more squealing. Mid-track I head over to the door to see if the Fitness Manager can grab me a spare mic, that’s even if we have one…. He comes back with the mic from the Cycle room – doh! I want to slap my forehead. This of course won’t work, it’s on a different frequency! PullingOutHair


Back to muddling through I guess. If you’ve ever done a group fitness exercise class you know that you need a little bit of music at a decent volume to really get you going. It’s part of the euphoric feeling. Without it, it’s a bit like a wet blanket. You come out of there feeling somewhat cheated, like you just wasted an entire hour of your life that you will never get back! The participants were pretty understanding, afterall there’s not a lot to be done when the mic breaks. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often! I have a feeling of dread though, as this is merely 1 class of 3… I have two left to go still and that sinking feeling is hanging around…. No spare mic….. my voice        WILL   –   NOT   –    LAST!

Now, I can McGuyver along with the best of them but when you are talking about a $600 piece of equipment that DOESN’T belong to me….. I’m a bit hesitant. I ring my boss to give her the bad news. She’s at home (considering that it’s only just now 7am) so she’s as helpful as she can be. I try a couple of different head sets which don’t seem to make much difference. In the end I have 2 choices – teach with a mic or without…. Without means sore voice that will not make the next 2 hours or McGuyver the mic as best I can without breaking it….. With gritted teeth I go with the second option as I really do not want to teach 2 hours without a mic. I grab my little Apple iPhone sim pin and try to manipulate the battery contact strips. I get a little movement but any tapping of the battery unit and it cuts in an out. At least the squealing has stopped. Considering I have to teach Body Combat as one of the 2 classes, this does not look good. High impact training with lots of mic movement and jumping up and down.         Oh great!        Then I remember good ol’ faithful. It’s a little trick that has been used for years. Stick a piece of cardboard or similar into the battery unit, wedging the battery in! That will do the trick. Yes! of course! I set about my little job. Boom – it works! I am saved! Yay me!

I call the club manager over (who incidentally got in early to do his own workout) and show him without the card and with the card. I’m pretty pleased with my fix-it skills. Him? Not so much. I don’t really care, as long as I don’t have to teach without a mic.

In the meantime Nick is at home, juggling the two kids trying to get one off to school and the other bottled and breakfasted. I was supposed to be back home for that bit before I headed off with Master C to the crèche, while I teach my next classes. Nick is also trying to liaise with the RAC to get his car recovered and the tyre sorted. By now it is 10:30am and I feel like I’ve been up for hours! I am exhausted. We get home having sorted out the tyre and I am totally ready for this day to end.

A friend of mine believes that we attract everything that happens to us with our state of mind. What ever we project to the universe is what we get back. Perhaps the recurring nightmare I have of missing a class or being late or forgetting my music or some such problem is the reason I got a flat tyre? Who knows, but I never ever want to do that again!

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Please do share it with me.


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