What better way to kick off a blog than with an introduction…. So here we go.

Introducing….. (dun dun dah – lots of fanfare!)
Miss E

01c296aa943720753da0eb926281e4f282ac2ba2c8She is my beautiful, sensitive and happy girl. I remember her super smiley little face as a baby. She learned to do everything quickly from crawling to walking. Once she started there was no stopping her. Now, the same is true. Even though she is only 8, at times I feel like she is going on 21! There is attitude and definite likes and dislikes and she is getting harder and harder to persuade or talk around. Today her most favourite thing in the whole world is Minecraft. If she’s not playing it on her iPad, she’s watching YouTube videos about it or playing it on the PS3.

She is an excellent reader and today I had the pleasure of meeting her teacher for the next year. Ms D, her teacher, tells me that Miss E is a completely changed child from last year. She is friendly, caring, helpful and gets involved. Last year she started a new school and we got off to a bumpy start. Finding herself in a split year 2/3 class, Miss E struggled to find her place. Some of the older year 3’s were very dominant characters and pushed Miss E down. So I am very proud and very relieved that, this year, she’s made a come back. Long may it continue!

Here’s my littlest monster – Master C

01b0fa60e1e179bca039ae46bccd8a27c6dc318c1fHe is only 5 months old now and certainly for at least the first 3 months of his life we had a very tough time. He suffered from tummy troubles, had thrush in his mouth, was dehydrated, probably had colic and just generally was not a very happy soul. I tried really hard to breast feed him, but just like it was with Miss E, I did not have enough milk and after 3 very tough weeks I had to swap to formula and bottles. Initially there was an instant change! Master C had not been put down for more than 10 minutes at any one time. He’d eat on me and sleep on me. After his first bottle, he slept for 3 hours straight! What a relief that was. I could catch up on some sleep and even read a book if I fancied. That relief was short-lived. We then started having the tummy troubles and wind galore! Now I know you are thinking that all babies are windy! This however, was NOT normal. The biggest and most forceful burps you’ve ever heard coming out of something that small and lets not even mention the bottom end! Constant screaming in pain, wriggling and grunting told me that something wasn’t quite right. So after much thought and discussion, Master C was placed on Lactose free milk which made a marked improvement!

Even though we saw improvement, he wasn’t suddenly cured. We now had sleep issues to deal with. Master C just couldn’t settle on his own after being rocked to sleep for almost his whole life so far. He was also a tummy sleeper. I look over my shoulder for the masked men coming to take me away as I write this. Every night I would fret that my gorgeous boy would not wake up in the morning, but he just would not sleep any other way.

Now at 5 months, we are well into solids and sleep training is going well! If you knew Master C when he was first-born to now, you wouldn’t recognise him. Some people still don’t believe how much he screamed and just how many levels of anger and frustration my son has!

And so we continue each day. Slowly getting through. Perhaps tomorrow I will post a bit more about my experience of having a new-born after 8 years! Crazy or what! Oh and perhaps I will give Nick his own starring post!



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