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The shopping experience from hell!

 I went shopping over the weekend with Nick and the kids for a few items on my list including the food shopping. We decided to hit the local mall which has a couple of food supermarkets and has a selection of shops which is good enough to get most things.


A weekend away down south

The family and I are spending a weekend away down south in one of our most favourite places. We’re staying in a beautiful place called Yallingup with some of the best views!

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Me – in pictures

I promised you photo’s of me from the past. So I thought I would give you a run down through the years since just before Nick and I met to present. Are you ready for this??? 


Monday morning drama

Nothing quite like Monday morning drama! So after a fabulous weekend of birthday parties, breakfast and dinners out, I woke up this morning to the bird’s nest that is usually Miss E’s hair. Thinking that the quickest thing to do, would be to get her to put her head in the shower to wet it… Read More Monday morning drama


Last but not least

I met Nick back in the UK. This was in 2002. I was just some girl in a pub and he was just some guy in a pub. My friends knew his friends and his friends knew my friends. He seemed like a nice enough guy but then I was a single fun-loving girl with a… Read More Last but not least